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Food is the most powerful drug you consume; optimal wellness is possible with a diet that is right for you.

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Why Paleo Zone?

  • Paleo Nutrition focuses of food quality - eating high nutrient, anti-inflammatory foods that best suit the human animal.

  • The Zone diet focusses on getting optimal protein, and balanced meals that control blood sugar and appetite.

You wouldn't feed a lion grains, nor would you feed a rabbit meat


Have you ever wondered if we as humans are eating the food today that we are best suited to genetically? Put it this way – if you were a zoo keeper and had a bunch of wild humans – what is food they would thrive on? I mean thrive – not just survive.


Today we humans eat foods that were foreign to us 10,000 years ago (and in many cases just 200 years ago) in a balance that is incorrect for our metabolism. Consequently our health is suffering; we lack energy, we can't lose weight, we suffer from numerous health problems. We are poor specimens compared to our hunter / gatherer ancestors.


When you really think about it – How well are you?


  • Do you take regular pain relief for headaches, joint or other aches and pains?
  • Are you overweight, and find it difficult to keep weight off?
  • Are you confused about how much to eat for your size and activity level?
  • Do you take ant-acids for indigestion, or suffer bloating, IBS or constipation?
  • Do you have sugar or other cravings, and find it hard to judge your appetite?
  • Are you on medications for cholesterol and high blood pressure?
  • Women - do you have hormonal issues like PCOS, menstrual pain or PMS?
  • Are you diabetic or pre-diabetic?
  • Do you suffer auto-immune disease?



My research has shown that two things are critcial:

A diet needs to contain real food, devoid of anti-nutrients that harm us, and we need to eat the a balance of foods that is satisfying, controls hunger and gives us the optimal amount and fuel mix (carbohydrates, protein and fats).


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How to get started:


Nutrition consultations

As a nutritionist I can work with you, to design a meal template that caters to your health and fitness goals.

Find out more here

Paleo Seminars

These 2.5 - 3 hour seminars provide both the science and the how-to of the optimal human diet.

Next Seminars

Auckland: Grey Lynn Community Centre, 510 Richmond Rd, Grey Lynn

Time: Tuesday 24th February 6.30 - 9.15

Cost: 45.00 (includes guide book)

Wanganui: CrossFit Wanganui

Time: Sunday 22nd February. 10.00am - 1.00pm

Cost: 45.00 (includes guide book)

For more information on the seminar content and booking


Paleo and Zone Nutrition Guides - all you need to know to get started for just $15.00

In this 80 page booklet (Paleo Zone) or 50 page booklet (Paleo nutrition) designed to give you easy to understand science and all the how-to information to put paleo and zone eating into practice.

Paleo Booklet $15.00

Zone and Paleo booklet $25.00

 "I received my Zone resource yesterday, thank you so much, what a fabulous booklet it is.  I have been looking through several Zone books and have started to feel quite confused (although I understand and see how the principles work).  This is what I have been looking for - yay for finally finding it - again congrats on a fabulous resource" – Lynda




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While we recommend you eat real food, our soil today in which we grow our food is be low in many nutrients and some people's health improves when they add selected vitamins or protein powder supplements. Weight loss is clinically shown to be enhanced when both a multi-vitamin and omega 3 supplement is taken. Vitamin D is severely deficient in most people, this affects strength, immunity and protection against cancer and auto-immune disease.



Our High quality product range includes:


  • Dr Sears' Zone OmegaRx and EicoRx, pharmaceutical grade Omega-3 fish oil concentrate; very pure and very concentrated. Click here to buy See testimonials for client feedback on OmegaRx.
  • Dr Sears' Zone exceptional quality multivitamin supplement - Zone Micronutrient  Support (contains 47 vitamins, minerals and antioxidants)  Click here to buy
  • Megaburn dairy and gluten free bars. Click here to buy
  • Protein Powders (Whey, rice, egg white, Balance, Red8) Click here to buy
  • Zone Diet Books: heavily reduced, click here to buy
  • The Paleolithic Solution, Robb Wolf. Click here to buy
  • Supplements: Magnesium, Vitamin D, and more. Click here to buy
  • Tanita body-fat and weight scales (bio-electrical impedance) Click here to buy


Our mail order service includes New Zealand and Australia. We are based in Auckland, New Zealand. To go to our shop, or simply browse our products simply click on the shop online button above.


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Julianne Taylor

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Surrey Crescent, Grey Lynn, Ak

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About Julianne Taylor

NZRGON, Grad Cert Sci (Nutrition)

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I (Julianne) am a NZ registered Nurse and nutritionist, currently a post grad nutrition science student at Massey. In 1996 I experienced first hand the power of nutrition. Changing my diet to the then popular Zone diet reduced niggling health issues, adding Paleo food choices in 2009 eliminated them; joint inflammation, menstrual issues went completely. I have been researching this connection between nutrition and disease since 1997 and applying what I have learnt to my clients with great success.

If you would like to discuss the paleo diet and what it might do for you, or ask about our support products, call Julianne on 0800 72 74 72 or 09 3781573

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“My hubby has lost a whopping 7kgs in a month! The Paleo way of eating totally agreed with him…

I don’t get any more issues with bloating or wind in my stomach. I have dropped weight and lost centimetres all over. I don’t have as many headaches.

For the first time in years I did not have period pain or tender breasts at that time of the month.

Mental focus is a lot better, Not so much brain fog. My sleeping pattern has improved. I used to wake and not get back to sleep, which is not happening now.”

Tracy, Auckland, NZ


“I have found my recovery rate after exercise much faster. My recovery from a cold was far quicker than usual. My mental focus is much clearer and I am able to do paperwork in the evening. I have lost weight easily.”

Ariana, Auckland, NZ


“…my psoriasis cleared up, and digestion improved.

I find I don’t crave bread, biscuits and other processed food, I’m happy to eat a meat, veggie and fruit diet.”

Miranda, Auckland


“I have an Auto-immune disease not specifically diagnosed, however I’m HLA-B27 positive and I get iritis in alternative eyes when I’m stressed, my back constantly gave me pain causing me to chew through pain killers….I started on a starch free Paleo diet … And wow would you know it……… my pain reduced within 3 days.”

Tab, Auckland


“This has been a life changing event My weight has dropped from 83 to 77kg in 6 weeks. I got on the scales this morning and could hardly believe it. I had been adjusting my belts in but had no idea it was so much. I have continued to experience more energy and overall improvement in health. My hip has improved a lot so long as I stay off wheat products. Digestion wise, everything is running like clockwork now.”

Peter, Hamilton, NZ

For more Paleo results including my own success story


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CrossFit, my favourite exercise

CrossFit Auckland

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Prof Cordain’s Paleo Diet Website

Professor Loren Cordain and his team have been studying the Paleo diet and the links between diet and western disease for over 20 years at Colorado State University.

This site provides a great resource of information and studies.


Dr Sears Zone Science website

The official zone diet science website from Dr Barry Sears, the scientist behind the Zone diet


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